Anonymous method of payment in online casinos – PaySafeCard

One of the most popular and secure payment methods at online casinos is PaySafeCard. It allows you to make online purchases in a simple and completely anonymous way. But not only that: Paysafecard is one of the world’s leading prepaid payment methods on the Internet because of its many advantages, as we will see in this review. Paysafecard is now available in more than 50 countries and continues to grow. Founded in 2000 in Vienna, PaySafecard, which Paysafe Holdings UK Limited owns, obtained a FINMA license in Switzerland in 2007 to issue electronic money throughout the European Union before obtaining a Mastercard license a little later, allowing it to expand into the rest of the world. Worldwide partner of the ESL and sponsor of all eSports tournaments since 2018, the company Paysafecard no longer counts the awards: elected 5 times best “Internationally active company”, ranked number one among the “Best employers in Austria”, PaysafeCard, is the quiet method to access funds and use them to make online purchases in the most varied fields, and in particular, gambling! The players appreciate this ideal payment method at the online casino, and for a good reason.

How do I use the PaySafeCard?

The PaySafeCard prepaid card can be purchased in many sales outlets spread throughout Canada (tobacco shops, newspaper stands, supermarkets). A 16-digit PIN code appears on the coupon – a code that must be entered in the space provided on the site where you wish to play or purchase an item. 

This allows players to remain completely anonymous while playing online casinos, as no personal information is stored on the prepaid card. No trace of your online spending is visible. Another advantage is that, unlike credit cards, it is impossible to exceed the amount set on the purchased PaysafeCard, so it is also a good way for players to control their gambling expenses. The card is very similar to a debit card and is one of the easiest ways to make online purchases.

At which casinos can I use PaySafeCard?

To find the retailers in your area, just check the list of outlets where Paysafecard is available – it’s on the Paysafecard website, and you’ve probably seen its logo displayed in store windows. With PaysafeCard, no registration is required, and there are no transaction fees. However, there may be currency conversion surcharges if you pay in a foreign currency – for example if you feel like playing at a Canadian casino. The currency converter on the Paysafecard website instantly provides you with the current exchange rate. All you have to do is enter the amount you want and the currencies you want to convert.

Customer service and support

PaySafeCard has only advantages – anonymity, data security, spending limits, distributed everywhere and accepted everywhere: on social media, for online dating, sports betting, bingo, poker and other casino games, for downloading music, movies and other online entertainment, for paying phone and Internet bills, and of course for shopping and buying gift vouchers – all the details can be found on the Paysafecard website. There is also a Paysafecard app to find all the services related to this payment method, manage your purchases and check your credit. Paysafecard is also on social networks: available 24/7 on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, which serve as a source of information and allow users, but also companies and customers, to communicate and exchange.

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